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Dr. Mihai Sorin Iacob,

Family medicine physician ,pediatric specialist, competence in general ultrasound , family medicine physician instructor trainer .

Advitam Medicis Medical Center , Timisoara.

20th Wonca World Conference 2013 held in Prague was a real deployment demonstrated by family doctors around the world.

Held under the slogan " Family medicine - care for all generations " reflects the role of GP's through primary prevention, for the family - the basic unit of contemporary society.

The interest of physicians in this conference, results from the large number of papers received by the organizers: 1747 of which were accepted by the International Advisory Board (consisting of 185 international experts), several 1631 abstracts, which been presented in various ways: posters, conferences, workshop's and oral communications.

Section of posters at the conference with many participants, highlights the growing interest of physicians in scientific work and research to improve the quality of care in the context of modern primary health care.


This section was held over three days, which were displayed at a time, a total of

1134 posters from all continents. On 26 June there were a total of 372 posters submitted, of which have been awarded a total of three posters, given that the primary author : Molony D. from Ireland, Bampalis V.G from Greece and Flick C.E. from Netherlands.

Thursday June 27 from a total of 382 posters displayed were awarded as follow: Nessler K. from Poland, Cadoo S. from Ireland and Torremorell M. from Spain.

June 28 of the 380 posters presented were awarded: J. Fowler and collaborators from the U.S. and the Russian Federation, Takeda S. from Brazil and Dostalova K. from Slovakia .

The theme of the event for posters section was very large ranging all areas of interest from family medicine .

Among the winning posters WONCA Conference , mention the work of D. Molony , who followed in Ireland why patients presenting to the family doctor , who has classified ICPC -2, for a period of two years. This study classifies and defines these reasons, based on different age groups. This study informs practitioners and policy makers of one main challenge for primary care, which was previously unknown, aiming at increasing the accessibility of patients to doctor.

K. Nessler from Poland studied very low rate of influenza vaccination coverage in the population only 4.5 % of Polish citizens were vaccinated in 2011 , which represented the lowest vaccination coverage rate among European Union countries .

The study was done on 20 medical centers in Krakow, after which they were taken a series of measures with representatives of WHO , by expanding the list of medical conditions that require the patient to be considered in the risk group .

Therefore, more patients should be vaccinated against influenza in season 2013 / 2014 we hope.

The poster who was awarded on the third day and has aroused the interest of the jury, was that of author J. Fowler along with a group of researchers from the USA and the Russian Federation to dealt with the education and training of residents in terms of preventive medicine, as the oncological screening, prevention and population health promotion, the required information in oncology, upgrade both among residents and physicians practitioners .

Romania participated in the World Conference WONCA 2013 by representatives of three universities namely: Timisoara, Bucharest and Iasi. Scientific papers submitted by our authors and accepted by the organizers were as poster paper, with a varied and interesting scientific content and reflects the concern of family doctors in Romania, to improve the quality of care and our interest in continuing medical education.

Collective of Dr. Mihai Iacob from Timisoara , put in debate: general ultrasound screening (abdomen, pelvis , heart , thyroid , hip and cranial) of newborns and infants conducted for over ten years in „AdVitam- Medicis” Medical Center Timisoara, in collaboration with experts in the field of ultrasound from Mannheim Germany ( Prof. Dr. Georg Barbulescu), after sonographic medical school standardized by Prof. Reinhard Graf , and in direct collaboration with the Center of Excellence and Training in Ultrasound Timisoara W.F.U.M.B. led by Prof. Ioan Sporea .

General ultrasound screening of newborns and infants to take out in the family doctor's and pediatrics office, where up infrastructure allows , we try to promote and implement it on a larger scale , initially at regional level, will later if possible and nationally .

In the second paper presented by us (Dr. Mihai Iacob), was discussed possible differential diagnosis of benign versus malignant lymph nodes in children, by Triplex and Power Doppler ultrasound, topical issue of great importance in pediatrics and family medicine, one of frequent pathology with a major impact on medical practice.


The third poster of the team led by Dr. Mihai Iacob, introduced over ten years experience in the management of patients with low back pain and current therapy with low-power laser therapy L.L.L.T. in the red and infrared spectrum, associated where appropriate with local infiltration with corticosteroids and comparing this therapy with standard treatment .

Collective Mrs. Dr. Valeria Herdea from Bucharest, presented a problem to date in terms of immunological therapy in pediatric practice , the presentation of clinical trials for a period of three years. The second issue discussed by this group was the holistic approach to oncology patients in family practice doctor , presenting experience a period of ten years.

Issues addressed by the team Dr. A.M. Slanina from Iasi, were topical and an increased prevalence in family medicine in monitoring and treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, and the problem of bacterial resistance resulting from uncontrolled use of antibiotics in our country.

In conclusion it was a successful event , very well organized by our colleagues in the Czech Republic, they did a very good organization of the World Conference, with many participants falling in the current international standards , however, given the fact that the Czech Republic was part of the former communist system and managed to overcome these limits in medical standards.

It is an incentive for the GP's from Romania to tighten ranks, and help promote our values that we still have in the country, and look foreword with optimism that we can get to the front ranks of European countries and beyond.

I want to thank this way, to the organizers WONCA Europe for scholarships for my participation in this conference, and mentioned that after this notice, I joined to the EURACT and EGRPN and wanting to contribute to the growth and development of research and medical training in Romania.